Friday, November 27, 2009

New Fabric Length

Earlier this week I finished another length of hand-dyed fabric for sale and eventual construction into a garment. Lovely piece of fine ribbed silk, originally a warm cream. Length 2.35m (2.5yds), width 110cm (43in), NZ$95.

First I machine stitched large darts throughout the length, and stretched it best I could into a frame with the darts underneath.

Then painted on a warm mustard coloured dye. This partially seeped through into the darts on the wrong side but they remained quite clear when opened out.

Back on the frame and a stronger dye colour was used to outline the unstitched darts. The mustard colour of the fabric in this photo is right off beam here!

When the outlines were dry, I watered down the remaining dye and over-painted the background areas.

After leaving to batch overnight, the first wash is done with the fabric laid out on my driveway and given a good hose to remove the bulk of any excess dye. This method goes along way to avoid any back staining. Conventional washing and rinsing followed.

All done, and draped on my mannequin, Zoe.

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