Thursday, February 11, 2010

Autumn leaves

More work on my two long strips over the last few days. I have printed some skeletal leaf shapes to continue the idea of autumn. This piece is to be called Autumn Footprints. Now about to finish the edges and make a decision about the hanging for display.

In my last post I showed am image of my car number plate and my new bumper sticker. I neglected to mention where I got the bumper sticker. I get Alyson Stanfield's regular ArtBizCoach postings every week. It is about 'art marketing action, Alyson's weekly steps for taking charge of your art career' and is very informative. Recently she advertised were to get such stickers, and others, from Cafe Press

Monday, February 8, 2010

text prints

Not much hands-on stuff this week but plenty of thinking. I decided to add some blocks of text to my two long strips. It took time to compose the five blocks of text but I finally came up with the words to convey my idea for this diptych. I then had to make a photo-sensitive screen to get the text on to the fabric and of course this takes time too.

Detail only. Still contemplating next stage before finishing off edges etc.

Nothing to do with the above but I have a new bumper sticker on my car. Along with the number plate it sort of states where I would rather be!

UPPFAB stands for Uppity Fabrics!