Friday, November 12, 2010

Discharging Shapes

I have been quietly making progress this week working on the elements I wish to introduce into my latest piece. This piece is to be called Dis-cord and is a companion piece to Co-Existing.
I am using one figure in this piece, and made a start by discharging the base colours with this shape.

Simple newspaper template to define the shape. I have also marked the eye area for future applications.

After discharging with Thiox.

And then I discharged a boat!

Monday, November 8, 2010


Another dye painting stage and then the whole piece got washed to remove the excess dye. This allowed me to photograph it up-front. A lot of the outcomes here will be over-dyed in due course but it does give me a base to work further.

A couple of small samples thinking through future applications.

And the last photos from the Chatham Islands:

This tree carving (dendroglyphs) was worked by the Moriori people who were the first settlers on the Chatham Islands. The carvings are under threat of deterioration and disappearing.

Me, and Tommy Solomon who died in 1938, the last full blood Moriori. Many of the current population of the Chatham Islands claim a mixture of Moriori, Maori and European descendants.

This is, I consider, the most successful photo from an ascetic point of view. Windswept cliff tops, ewe and her two lambs.

The plane out of the Chathams. Front part for passengers, the rear for cargo. Our flight had live crayfish destined for the markets in Hongkong.