Thursday, January 8, 2009

Recording Achievements

When one has been around for awhile, an assortment of information has accumulated and the need to do something with them becomes apparent.
I am refering to newspaper cuttings, exhibition invites and reviews, magazine articles, exhibition catalogues, photos, award certificates, qualification certificates and the like. All these are important to be kept, for our own personal acknowledgement and for easy access. Although we may be shy at starting such an archive too early, there should be no hesitation in getting it under way, and it is amazing how it soon grows.
I use a basic A4 ring binder file cover. I place a thin padding over the outside and then cover this with fabric (in my case something that I have painted / printed myself). The inside cover is tidied with a coordinated art paper. As information going into the folder is an assortment of sizes, everything is placed within copysafe pockets which allow for easy access for future reference.
This week I prepared a second such folder. My first was threatening to burst its ring binders; it now contains information from the early 1980's through to 2007. The second starts with 2008 and should keep me going for another decade or so.

The cover of my first folder.

The fabric covering this folder is the recently failed attempt of Celtic Rest. It now has a new lease of life as the cover of my second folder.

The following three photos are of open pages in my first folder.

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