Friday, August 27, 2010

Final tweakings....

During the last few days I have been quietly tweaking my latest piece and now feel I can stand back and declare it finished! Somehow there is a moment when this happens, just as there are moments when I know something else has to happen to a piece before it is 'finished'. Being able to recognise these moments is important. They depend on old-fashion gutt feeling which is worth nurturing.

A detail showing some of the final tweakings.

While working with this final stage I adjusted the whole piece on my display board so that I could work on a specific area. In doing so I quickly pinned the piece up without bothering to hang it straight, or flat. At some point I turned to look at it and viewed it as if for the first time. The piece looked relaxed, the irregularies in its hanging seem to lift it into another dimension. I liked it! So at this point in time I will leave off any mounting and hemming etc and revisit it again at a later date to see how I feel about this presentation. In the meantime, here it is. Obviously I can't crop the piece so some background is unavoidable.

© Connections, Diana Parkes, 2010; 165cm x 115cm / 65" x 45"; silk/linen cloth, painting, printing, discharge; dyes and textile paint.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Little bit more...

My piece is still not finished but it is getting closer with the addition of three larger building shapes. I kept them subtle and I think this works.

The freezer paper template I used for painting the lines.

One of the building shapes.

... and here is the three. It took some effort to get them all lined up correctly!