Friday, October 22, 2010

Rolling away....

Amongst the blogs I receive and enjoy, is that of Wen Redmond, USA. In a recent blog she demonstrated the use of sponge rollers. I have tried a couple of her ideas and found them easy, and the outcomes definitely worthwhile. She recommends using 'old' sponge rollers which may have gotten damaged from over use.

Here are a couple of my own attempts:

Top: an old split sponge roller which has been 'attacked' with sharp pointed scissors, and below, a hot glue gun used to glue over the sponge roller.

The dried glue roller certainly gives an all-over textured surface. I prefer the left side where I have pressed very lightly and avoided the straight edges of the roller.

The 'attacked' roller I really like. I love the way it can be altered so that it doesn't print 'edges'.

Both experiments using a textile paint.

I should now be back from my week in the Chatham Islands.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Stop, start...

I really admire people who are able to keep amazing workbooks, full of drawings, collages, ideas etc. I am a bit spasmodic with such activities, having bursts of enthusiasm, then it all fades and I don't do anything for awhile. Recently I did managed to complete such a workbook, and even started on another one. My workbooks take on different forms each time, simply to make it interesting.

My current workbook is a stapled book which has been lying around for some time. I am painting on only the right side pages, and placing a quote on the left side. I am doing the quotes on labels as the painting on the other side of the paper usually leaks through to this side.

Here are three completed pages:

Quote: Time flies, remember you must live.

Quote: The mountains can't grow any bigger, but we can... Jim Dorman.

Quote: The best way to get a good idea is to get lots of ideas.

And here is a selection of some of my completed workbooks: