Thursday, March 4, 2010

Working Again

After my weekend away and also attending some NZ Festival of the Arts events, I am back to work again on my big piece. It is quietly coming together.

Some patterning on the left side achieved with freezer paper resists. Then a dye wash over the top.

Here I have taken a large oval shape and discharged some colours within this space. The letters form the word 'escape' which is the theme for this piece.

More next blog.....

Monday, March 1, 2010

National Park Weekend

This last weekend was our annual sibling weekend. We try to do something different each year and this time chose a visit to National Park, a small recreational village in our central North Island which caters for skiers and mountain climbers etc during the winter months. As it was still our summer we didn't have to be too concerned about the weather, and it was indeed very nice.

On Saturday we went on a two hour round walk, with picnic lunch, on the lower slopes of Mount Ruapehu, and enjoyed the changes in scenery along the way.

Looking across the plateau to Mt Ngauruhoe.

Heading into a clump of mountain trees.

Dappled pathway.

Looking out to the distant farmlands.

Taranaki Waterfall where we stopped for a picnic lunch (note people on top of the cliff).