Friday, October 1, 2010

Almost there....

More tweaking on my piece this week. I have it hanging in my studio and it is looking good. I find I am contemplating the finishing/mounting etc which means I must be almost there. Have been considering a colour to paint the surrounding mount and am favouring a navy blue which seems to suit colours in the piece. I have been placing the painted test corner on each corner at different times to see how it works.

Another detail....

Bottom right corner with painted test corner.

Top left with painted test corner.

Expressions Gallery in Upper Hutt is well worth a visit at the moment. Pinestream Quilters have their biennial exhibition, and world-renown Yoshiko Wada, textile and shibori expert, has kimonos from her own collection on display. Accompanying these is an exhibition of Metsuke, Buttons and Collars. Yoshiko gave a very interesting gallery talk yesterday to a well attended audience. She is currently tutoring a workshop at Whitireia Community Polytechnic, Porirua. Great to see such events happening in our area.

Monday, September 27, 2010


More progress this week and I feel I am now reaching that almost-finished stage. As these pieces are not pre-planned, I regularly sit back and contemplate the where-to-next. During my contemplations I will list the ideas and progresses that I feel will take the piece further, probably three or four each time. Sometimes I find that only two or maybe three are used; some ideas just don't seem to be appropriate after the others have been done. I like being totally involved and challenged until the end by working this way. I am incapable of following a pre-determined plan, recipe or pattern. Am I alone in this!

I wanted to add some detail to the lower portion so masked off the area. Looks a bit rough but it worked! I brushed and scrapped textile paint/pigment on to plastic, then turned it over and printed (mono-printing) over the masked area.

Here it is with the masking removed.

Small detail. Above is the left side.