Friday, September 24, 2010

The top bit...

While working on the main body of this piece I have been avoiding the top white area, knowing that at some point an idea would surface. This is the case this week. I masked off the edges and worked the following:

Almost finished. Three tones of blue Procion MX dye in Manutex (sodium alginate) 'spot' painted.

I returned later and added a darker blue towards the top. This gives it a better range of contrast.

Still more to do, but here it is hanging from my metal rod for photographing and further contemplation. Normally I crop the edges before publishing on the blog.

We are now into the World of Wearable Arts (WOW) season here and Wellington is buzzing with related displays and advertising. Wednesday night I went to the dress rehearsal show which is the first with an audience. The venue was packed with an enthusiastic crowd and yes, it may not have run quite as smoothly as further into the season but it was great value. Having viewed the show for at least eight years (and having an entry accepted in three of these shows) one can see developments in this event. This year I think the standard of entries has gone up a notch with some spectacular examples of creativity. The accompanying entertainment I don't think had, but it was still all pretty amazing. And no, I didn't get my entry accepted this year. It happens....!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Baang and Burne Contemporary

Something different on my blog today. One of the many interesting blogs I receive on a regular basis, is that of Kesha Bruce.

She and fellow artist Charlie Grosso have created Baang & Burne Contemporary and are hosting a series of one-night-only art events where, unlike at a traditional art gallery opening, artists, art collectors, and members of their mailing list are invited to attend a small intimate exhibition event in a private home or hotel suite. They have events planned for New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Portland. There is also a blog tour (and this is where I come in!).

“Our events are geared toward creating a comfortable setting where collectors can meet artists, and feel comfortable asking questions about the work.” says Grosso. “The whole point is to initiate and create a unique art experiences that
benefit not just the artists, but new collectors too. And because our events are smaller, every one of our guests gets VIP treatment.”

The first artist to feature is Jane Zweibel with her exhibition Stitched Identities: Recent Artwork, New York City, Sunday September 26, 2 - 6 pm. If you would like an invite contact Baang & Burne Contemporary direct.

Here are some links for further information. I found the interview with Jane Zweigal very interesting.

Baang & Burne Press Release

Interview with Jane Zweibel

Jane Zweibel's Press Kit

Self-Portrait Praying #1. Oil on sewn and stuffed canvas. 40 x 24 x 12"

Self-Portrait Praying #3. Oil on sewn and stuffed canvas. 48 x 26 x 12"

Self-Portrait Praying #6. Oil on sewn and stuffed canvas. 40 x 16 x 12"