Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Black is not always black

Dye only

Salt added (from memory the colour change was more dramatic in reality)

Soda Ash added

Washed and dried. Definitely not black but still a nice colour, although it is somewhat darker than shown here.

Recently I dyed some silk fabric using a black dye. I already knew that it would not result in a black as this is very difficult to achieve by the hand dyer. This particular black dye does give a reasonably good black with a cellulose fibre eg cotton, but not with a protein fibre eg silk. I always find the changes in colour of any fabric as the chemicals are added during the dyeing processes, quite fascinating. This dye bath was no exception and although difficult to get good photos, they do show the colour changes.
I now have a photo of my piece in the Ready to Wear exhibition, Expressions Arts and Entertainment Centre in Upper Hutt, till 22 March. Below are images of my piece titled 'A Bit Cheeky'. Constructed from plain calico (muslin), this piece challenges the normal assumption of how a garment is worn by placing the body outside the garment, rather than inside. I hope it creates a few smiles!

A Bit Cheeky, front view

Back view

Side view

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