Friday, December 3, 2010

Adding details

Really concentrating on details this week and bringing everything to the front. It is a matter of quietly working through the various processes. I enjoy this part although it can be scary as sometimes it can go horribly wrong. One of the applications was hastily removed with a hose-down on the driveway as it was just not working! The advantage with working with cloth, dye, textile pigment/paint is that work can be washed - try doing that with a traditional painting!

Here the headstones have been more defined.

The back ground inside the collapsing house has been further worked on. This has turned out well, although it is rather hard to see any difference in the photos.

Another great day out on Wednesday. Back into Wellington to attend functions and exhibitions at Te Papa as well as getting to see the galleries which were closed last Tuesday when I visited. I always come home feeling inspired, and eager to get on with things.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Pulling it all together

I have now added all the elements I think are necessary to this piece and now need to pull it all together. My favourite way is to print out an image of the whole piece, place a sheet of tracing paper on top and start sketching in details. If done in pencil this makes it easy to amend and adjust. From this sketch I can then start applying the ideas, which are bound to change but it does give some direction.

Tracing paper placed over the top of an image, and some details added.

Tracing paper lifted off the image. The details are now up-side-down.