Friday, August 21, 2009

Good Progress

Today I have had one of those 'good progress' days. Herewith a photo of four pieces I am working on at the moment; three for my '12' series, and one of my bigger art pieces. None of these pieces are completed yet so more work ahead, but not today.

74 days to my exhibition

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Fabric Length

By now you will have noticed that I have tweaked my blog. After some idle twiddling, I found I could introduce a background colour and an image behind the title. I have these moments from time to time and they usually end up with 'something'. I hope you like what you see.

Now to current projects. Sometimes you have just to go ahead and do things so that you can find out what you don't know and then, hopefully, work out how to improve. Still working with my big screen I decided to print a two metre/yard length of silk fabric. The length of the screen covers the 114cm / 45" width and I would need three prints to make the 2 metre/yard length.

To help with the repeat pattern registration I marked a paper template with a half-drop grid. Placed under the slightly raised screen, I could see the grid clearly underneath and then paint with confidence.

The screen all painted.

I then decided to use my 'splash water' technique after painting just to fudge things up a bit. Not sure whether this was wise or not (probably not)!

To make each print look equal to the others I have painted the design afresh each time. What with drying times this does not make for a quick result. No problem as there is always something else to do in between times.

First print all clamped into place ready for screening.

The end result was somewhat odd looking I thought, although the actual printing was fine.

I then decided to over-dye the whole piece and chose a reduced quantity of purple. It 'grabbed' the silk like quick-silver and I was worried that it would eliminate all my printing efforts. Which it sort of did but I am thinking it is okay. The photo is not really doing it justice as in reality more of the original printing is showing. I would like to see it teamed up with a burnt orange trim or scarf, which may make some of you shriek!

This is what we have been waiting for here in the southern hemisphere. Daffodils in the garden of Joan, my friend.

76 days till my exhibition