Friday, November 13, 2009

Figures In The Mist

Here is another piece from my exhibition.

©2008 Diana Parkes, FIGURES IN THE MIST, dye, discharge and pigment on silk, 85cm x 94cm; 34" x 37".

I had been looking through some of my images taken in Spain and selected one of a narrow window opening in an 8th century church. I liked the stone blocks which supported this window and, although still at a beginners level in photoshop, I did manage to remove the window and the rest of the stone work.

I transferred, free-hand, similar shapes to some silk

After adding some colour washes to the background, I then decided I didn't like these at all! This is not an unusual reaction (it happens often), but instead of discarding it....

....I put it through a discharge bath and felt much better about the resulting, more subtle colours. I also turned it into a horizontal position. I was then able to introduce further elements to the piece as in the final image above. I often make these radical shifts and am absolutely hopeless at working commissions - I could never stick with a pre-determined design!

Interesting to note that the top photo is a professional photo while those-in-progress are my humble, but faithful, digital camera. The top photo is truer to the real colours. This certainly supports the value of getting photos taken professionally!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Colour Connections Installation

Every gallery likes to educate, and as part of my Fibre Reaction exhibition at Expressions, Upper Hutt, there is now a display in the foyer doing just that. This wasn't able to be set up until a week after the opening but will be there for the remaining time of my exhibition. In it I have taken 99 pieces of white cloth, 50cm x 50cm (20" x 20") plus one commercially dyed black piece. With the white and black pieces at either end, the 98 pieces in between are based on the dye percentage principle and work through a complex range of colours. I am hoping people will take time to think how some colours are produced. There is also a cabinet with some of my 'tools of trade', along with a basket of dyed pieces to handle and some books to view. Hopefully these will further an understanding of dyeing.

And while on the subject of colour, below is the facade of the Wellington City Gallery, which currently houses an exhibition by Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama, MIRRORED YEARS. This artist works with colour and dots. Her exhibition is wonderful, and her lifelong dedication to making art is inspiring. Well worth a visit (or two).