Friday, January 21, 2011

Finished, before they're started...

I confess it is probably not normal, but I have just 'finished' a couple of pieces before they have actually been started! Okay, that probably doesn't make sense. I want to include the finishing in the processes to produce them. Therefore, I have stitched a buttonhole edging around my two fabric pieces using a linen thread, and will dye and over print the stitching as I work, with the idea that it will blend in to the whole.

I am continuing with my overall theme of the house shape, and incorporating figures. These pieces are intended for my next solo exhibition. I am planning a smaller sub-group of works, their finished shape reflecting the house. These should make a good contrast to the larger pieces I have worked so far.

Having completed the stitched finishing on the edges, I decided to transfer the initial dye colour via my large printing screen.

Templates placed under the screen to determine the shape of the colours to be applied.

Procion MX dye and water painted on to the screen. The dye has been generously applied and then the screen lifted into a vertical position so that the excess dye dribbled down the screen. The stitched fabric pieces will be pre-soaked in soda ash.

This quote appealed to me, how true!
Some things leave my list after I've done them - others after I've abandoned all hope of doing them. Ashleigh Brilliant

Monday, January 17, 2011

Nothing in particular

This week has been spent quietly getting back into the groove. Holidays don't last for ever and I doubt whether any of us, honestly, would like to remain in that state for too long. Routines, creativity and challenges are powerful 'drugs'. And we have a whole new year to indulge!

Early in the week I prepared four pieces of fabric approx. 20cm/8" square and just played. Nothing in particular and just adding layers of colour and patterns. It certainly helps getting into focus again, and who knows where it will lead.

In New Zealand we have just watched the final of the 2010 British Master Chef programme. My excuse for watching this programme is that it is art - think about it! One of the trio in the final stated that winning Master Chef would be the icing on the cake, but if he didn't then he still had the cake. I like this statement. In life the only thing that can be guaranteed is that things will not always turn out how we would like, and you can still be grateful and proud of what you have got or done.