Friday, February 25, 2011

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Earlier this morning, New Zealand time, I posted a new blog titled 'We are hurting...'.

For some unexplained reason this has appeared as being posted 12 hours ago despite being recorded correctly as Friday, February 25, and the time 7.35am. If only we could turn the clock back....

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We are hurting...

New Zealand has hit the world news again with another horrendous earthquake in Christchurch, a repeat of that experienced last September. New Zealand is reeling. The individual stories are heart wrenching, and it is difficult knowing how those immediately affected will continue. I am safe, my environment has not changed. My concerns however are palpable. It is not over yet.

It seems unfair to continue as normal but there is also a need that this is what should be done.

This week I returned to my latest sketch book while I contemplate my next piece. I know I should do this more often but it never seems to work out that way.

My latest 'doodle'. The quote on the left page is The mission of the observer is to have an active relationship with the thing observed, to view and to contemplate. Olga Ivandicki 1931 - 2009. (the smudging on the left page is seepage from the other side of the page)

Another scarf for myself evolved this week when a couple of fabric left-overs spotted each other and connected.

The left-overs. Crinkle silk and a silk rayon velvet.

I did some arashi shibori discharge on the crinkle silk, and this is the end result.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Second life

As I am in between works at the moment with the finishing of the two 'Tied to the House' pieces, and with new ideas still in formulation, I turned to a few things put aside for doing 'sometime'.

When searching recently for some fabric in my stash I came across a shirring elastic hand-dyed silk band which had in its first life been a peplum band on a jacket. I now can't remember why I eventually removed it but in re-discovering it I decided it would make a great scarf. Fortunately I still had some of the fabric left and set about binding the raw edge. I shall enjoy wearing this 'second life' scarf!

The last couple of weeks have been dominated by all the galleries and institutions presenting new exhibitions and programmes. The Wellington City Art Gallery, among other things, has Crown Lynn: Crockery of Distinction (closes 25 April). The Crown Lynn company started in the 1920's as a pipe and brick manufacturer and then evolved into classic kiwiana household ceramics in the 1960's. Pieces are instantly recognisable and most of us here in New Zealand will have some pieces of Crown Lynn tucked away. The exhibition includes several extensive private collections.

The exhibition included some design boards from well known artists who entered competitions in the 1950's and 60's and whose designs made it to production. I was immediately taken back to these days when I too entered at least one, maybe, two designs into these competitions. Entries were painted on to templates supplied, and then submitted. I was a school student in that era and am now quite amazed that I thought I could do it. And no my designs which I now can't recall at all, didn't make the grade! What does interest me is that I thought to have a go, and all these years later nothing has changed.

A Dorothy Thorpe design, Santa Barbara, 1965. Photo: Studio La Gonda. (Copied from City Gallery website).