Monday, November 30, 2009


Here is another piece from my exhibition, this time using a long horizontal format divided into halves. Using a simplified arched doorway shape, I swapped the patterns and colours in each half.

These were the original colours used....

.... and after it had been put through a discharge bath, which toned it down to colours seen on buildings in Spain.

The main portion of one side was taped into a grid and stamped with a repetitive shape.

My next idea was to place hinges as seen on a magnificent door I had viewed in Spain but these were too complex so I reduced them to very simple shapes. This shows the first print, which then got over-printed as shown in the following, and completed photo.

© 2008 Diana Parkes, PORTALS, dye and pigment on silk, 99cm X 161cm / 39" x 63". This photo shows the true colour, once again showing the value of a professional photograph, the others being snapshots from my humble digital camera. This piece was hung from brass eyelets, not the usual perspec rod which would have sagged over such a length.

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  1. lovely piece Diana!
    thank you for walking us through your process.