Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Where to now...

Earlier this week I collected my work from the gallery where it had been on display for the last month. Eight small pieces, and one large, sold. This is very satisfying but sales were not the motivation for this exhibition. Sales are a bonus of course and it is very gratifying to think that people felt they wished to own a piece of my work. The motivation however was simply a commitment to make a series of works, to grow and develop my skills and creativity while working them, and then to display them as a whole at the end. The biggest critic forever is me, and having satisfied my own judgements, the positive responses to this exhibition were simply the icing on the cake (and they have been yummy!).

Like any major long-term planned event, there is somewhat of a deflated feeling after it is over or finished. This is to be expected but it also gives an opportunity to reflect on 'what next'. Two year's of planning and working through the works for my exhibition is quite a major chunk in one's life. I could now sit back and 'take a rest' but that is not me at all and although I am enjoying the satisfaction of looking back, I am already thinking ahead.

There is still much to do, to take everything to the next level. Another solo exhibition in two years? The value of solo exhibitions is huge and this could quite well be the outcome.

In the meantime I am considering adding printed lino cuts to my work. I like the unpredictability of the actual cutting where lines and shapes take on their own look, and the resulting prints are not perfect. And there is also something meditative about the process of cutting.

A lino cut in progress, with a pencil rubbing to check the process.

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