Thursday, April 8, 2010

Away again...

On Saturday April 10th I am off overseas again, returning April 27th. This time my journey is to Peru. I have not been to South America yet although I have been to Mexico but am not sure whether this counts. This is another journey with Lifestyle Journeys with whom I visited northern Spain in 2008.

Peru has always had a fascinating with me since I did a project in my final year at school (some decades ago!) where we had to study a country, its climate, people, geography etc. I chose Peru and somehow got very absorbed in producing my project. I even painted many of the illustrations instead of pasting in pictures etc. I got a mark of 39 out of 40. This project is the only item I have saved from my school days.

The cover of my project 1960.

This week I have washed all my dye rags and drop cloths so that on my return I will be able to get straight back into work.

I won't be able to blog while I am away but I plan to prepare one blog which should pop up sometime while I am away. I will be testing the system (or should that be me) with this possibility.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Good news

First, before I get to the good news, I would like to acknowledge the feed-back I have received regarding my latest piece. It was encouraging to receive this while still working on this piece, and at its completion. I can recall deciding to do this exposure on my blog, and wondering whether this would be a good thing, or not. Mostly I was one step ahead of what I showed, but there was still pressure to achieve something for the next blog. It certainly kept me focused!

And at times it had me feeling uncomfortable. Any next application could ruin what had gone before, and it would have been very public. Each time I needed to move it forward even if I wasn't sure what I was doing. It seems ages since I started this piece, but in reality it took only four weeks. I am not sure whether I will be so public again; but then again, I just might!

I have yet to rate my feelings about this piece, it is currently resting awaiting evaluation.

And now for the good news! Following my exhibition at Expressions, Upper Hutt, last year, I decided I would like to see it displayed in at least one (hopefully, two) more galleries before I retire the work. I discovered an expressions-of-interest for exhibiting at the Art Gallery Papakura, Auckland, in the Artists Alliance information, and sent off a proposal. I understand they received several proposals but chose mine for the slot 8 July to 7 August. Obviously, I am very excited about this. Fortunately I did not stop working after my exhibition so I already have some replacements for those sold.

Part of my exhibition at Expressions last year.