Wednesday, May 11, 2011

An update....

Last week I posted this blog but the blog people had a stuff up. Apparently blogs posted around a certain time were lost. In fact everything went off line. They say they are working on replacing them but this has not happened, yet... I am therefore posting this again. No need to read any further if you have already read it.

It has been awhile since I lasted posted on my blog. I needed to focus on some serious health problems that came out of the blue earlier this year.

I am now pleased to write that hopefully the worst is over and although more on going procedures will be occurring, everything has gone well so far.

Fortunately our health system clicked into urgency and I was fast-tracked through the system. Four weeks ago today I had a major operation lasting 11 hours. During this time I had an aggressive tumour removed from behind my nasal passages. Unfortunately this had affected my right eye, and removing it was the only option. I now also have some of my tummy muscles relocated in to my face to replace cheek bones which had disintegrated.

Sound horrible? Yes, it was but fortunately New Zealand's most highest profile plastic surgeon (he is also known internationally) works at my local hospital and he was is in charge of the team of surgeons.

I had 10 days in hospital and now, a month after the operation, I have been home quietly getting on with things and learning to cope with my new situation. I refuse to look back and welcome each little challenge as something to be overcome. It is all working so far! My team of surgeons are delighted with my progress and have been very encouraging.

I have always enjoyed physical activities with the aim of keeping myself fit. In fact they tell me I am incredibly fit (compared to most people my age) and I feel this has been a great advantage in my recovery. I am already back into walking, albeit at a somewhat slower pace.

I am not sure when I will next blog. I am finding myself drifting back to reading your blogs, and many of the other activities I have enjoyed in the past. It has also been a time to re-think the future and what I want to do. Too early for any decisions yet. One thing I am enjoying is being somewhat more laid-back in my daily life; priorities change, and I am quite liking it....