Friday, May 28, 2010

Good news

From July 9th to August 7th, the works from my exhibition last year (those unsold, that is, plus a couple of new pieces), held at Expressions, Upper Hutt, are to be exhibited again at the Art Gallery Papakura, 10 Averill Street, Papakura. I am looking forward to seeing everything displayed again, in a different setting, and to a new audience.

Yesterday I received news that a grant application to the Creative Communities Scheme Pakakura District, has been accepted. This will help in couriering the pieces to and from the gallery, and other additional expenses in preparing the work. This certainly helps with the overall success of the exhibition. Very pleasing indeed.

Herewith a couple more details of the latest piece. It is almost finished and I am preparing for the mounting processes.

Monday, May 24, 2010

More lino prints

Have made good progress on my piece this week and feel I am nearing the end. I have added some Inca house ruins, seen at Machu Picchu and elsewhere. They seem to have the same basic stone structure but minus their thatched roofs for obvious reasons. I did another quick lino design which worked out well.

Inca houses printed, then the top window spaces discharged to give some contrast.

Machu Picchu and some Inca house ruins, without roofs, top of photo. The delightful baby llama was less than 24 hours old!

A restored thatched house, bottom left.

Grand-daughter has been here again this weekend so more progress on 'the dress'. Curved hem on skirt caused some concern so Nana is to replace it with a hand rolled hem, as any Nana would do!