Friday, July 23, 2010

Starting new piece

I have started a new piece after plenty of mind design building during the last couple of weeks of family activities. Another large piece, fabric measures 2 metres x 115cm (79" x 45"). I decided to start with a grid of simple building outlines, and to get the layout right I used a builder's blue chalk line apparatus to achieve this. I have done this before and know that the chalk does not stain the fabric.

But before then I made a collagraph of my design ie cut out cardboard pieces and glued these on to another piece of cardboard. I gave it a couple of coats of shellac spray to protect the surfaces from any dye. This gets placed under the fabric, followed by a silk screening with thickened black Procion MX dye.

The cardboard collagraph. I have coloured the raised pieces so that I can just see them through the fabric.

Some test samples using the dye, and some pigment. I decided on the dye. This is not perfect printing, but I like the imperfections.

The blue chalk line placement grid in place.

Printing in progress...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Tis done, almost

My latest piece is now finished but not 'dusted', it has to have the hanging eyelets (grommets) punched. Will do so this week.

The borders in the image of my new piece look somewhat curved but in reality they are perfectly straight! Not sure how to adjust, if I can, the camera to take straight lines.

© Diana Parkes, 2010, HIGH RISERS, 125cm width x 90cm depth; 49" width x 35.5" depth. Procion MX dye, textile pigment; painting, layering, discharge, printing.