Sunday, November 1, 2009


As promised, here is another piece from my exhibition which I will share. I have re-visited my exhibition several times now, and am walking away still feeling very satisfied. It is also nice thinking back on how some of the pieces were achieved.

©2008, Diana Parkes, FISSURE, dye on silk. Length 110cm/43½", top width 44cm/17½", lower width 58cm/23"

The fabric for this piece was first dyed a flat dusky pink, followed by the top squares and lower arch shape being discharged. This gave a structure to develop further. Colours were painted into the arch shape, but the top squares I left as they were as I liked the variations in the discharged colour.

The area above the arch had less discharge work leaving some organic patterns which I enhanced further to suggest the fissure theme.

Finally, in analysing the results thus far, I added a couple of green shapes in the top area. I often feel that the introduction of a highlight colour goes along way to add that spark. The piece stayed on my pin-up board for a few days until I began playing with the overall shape. I then tucked the top side areas in behind the piece, which allowed for a nice drape and the lower corners to peek out from behind.

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