Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bird Box

Here is another piece from my exhibition. This piece started as a doodle drawn while talking on the telephone (it always pays to have pen and paper handy!) It hung around for awhile then re-surfaced. I started to play with the idea; in particular I liked the shape with the attached wings - was it flying?

© 2008 Diana Parkes, BIRD BOX, dye and pigment, wax resist on silk, 86cm(34") x 103cm(40½")

It started with some resists lines to define the shapes, plus some wax top left. Areas were painted in solid colours as a start....

I wasn't too happy with how things looked so I added some more wax and, as oft I do, I overdyed the whole piece.

Then out came the discharge paste and I removed most of the burgundy. This may seem rather odd but the result was much more appealing.

Then it was a matter of building back up some of the areas with more dye and patterns. I introduced clouds and 'rain' in the background to transport the bird box out there in space. Its initial title was Flying High but as I wasn't sure whether the bird box would be obvious, I changed it to Bird Box. I am now wondering whether both names could be used Bird Box - Flying High, and it may get called that in the future.

As can be expected when describing the processes in any piece, I skip much of what has been done because (a) I have forgotten every detail and (b) some things just happen. I am sure you know what I mean.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your process. Very interesting to follow the artistic flow. Hope your exhibition is going fantastic.