Saturday, November 7, 2009

Floor Talks

I have now delivered two floor talks about my exhibition with attendances for both being very good - 60+ for one and 26 for the other. I have always enjoyed artist floor talks and try to get to as many as possible. Having to give one yourself is another story. As artists we enjoy what we do and that is making art. Talking about ones work is equally as important and it takes some thinking as to what to say, how much to say (before people glaze over!) and how long to make the talk. It does pay to think about one's work constantly, and to practice a few stories.

One of the two most important things about my exhibition has been the opportunity to see all the pieces displayed together. When preparing for such an exhibition, new work gets stored away and forgotten while the next piece gets underway; and most of us don't have space in our homes to display all the work together anyway. Then there is the colours that I have used, these may be pretty obvious to others but more difficult for me to recognise... until they are all lined up together and then it is as simple as how I like my coffee.

The other important thing is how I have used images from my travels overseas where ideas and images are stored within the heightened senses that travel offers.

Thankfully both the audiences were receptive and I enjoyed the experience, despite being a tad anxious beforehand.

We need more chairs!!

Me in full 'flight'...


  1. Diana, I did enjoy your FLoor Talk, thank you. You gave us interesting insights into the process and the inspiration, although I would have loved to have been able to "grill" you for much, much more detail!! Like HOURS more! What you did was a very good length for most people, and it was obvious that the audience was fully engaged every second of your talk.

    Thank you,


  2. Thank you Virginia! I am glad my talk was appreciated. There is heaps more as you suggest; and perhaps another time.