Sunday, June 21, 2009

SDA Workshop (2)

Here are images of work done in my second workshop at the Surface Design Association conference. This workshop was with Els van Baarle titled Walking The Creative Path: A Combination of Batik and Printing. As I was travelling on to Canada after this workshop I did not want to pack dyed, but not yet washed samples in my suitcase. So during my last day I concentrated on applying wax to several pieces and these have been dyed and completed since my return home. This was another great workshop, with Els being a great tutor full of ideas. I now plan to use soya wax alot more in my work in the future. Images have been posted with permission from Els.

The cover of my workshop folder in which all the notes and samples are filed.

I made this sample into a scarf


  1. Looks great Diana!

    We've just discovered Soya wax too - it is so much easier to handle than the old beeswax-parafin mix, isn't it! I bought a scented soya wax disc for putting in one of those aroma-thingies... I'm going to try it out just to 'speriment - if it works I might have lovely smells while I work!

    Thanks for sharing your work,

  2. Yum yum. Great prints! Isn't Els terrific? I introduced her to soy wax a few years ago and while she does not use it in her own work, she uses it to teach in the U.S. because it is accessible and easy to wash out.

    When I taught it in the U.K. about 5 years ago, it was not available there and I had to bring my own supply. I'm glad you can get it now.

  3. I meant to say that you could get it now in NZ and other places where it was not previously available. Duh.