Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Some progress...

Although my blogs have become more 'occasional' lately, I have been quietly working away on my piece when time allows. Scheduled appointments to sort my health eat into time; however, these are all going well which is important.

I have been working on various parts of this experimental piece and consequently have lost the sequence of how things are evolving. However, to follow on from my previous blog, I have done some more work on the garment shape and feel pleased as to where it has arrived. I have also worked on some of the background areas.

Two more photos of the garment shape which I think completes this section although I am contemplating adding some stitching:

Yes, there are some machine stitched lines in the background, joining the dots ....


  1. I love this little jacket and how you're inside and outside with the design, Diane

  2. ditto!.....and your choice of colors couldn't be better!