Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mirror-imaged text

A few weeks back I tried something new on my experimental piece. I wanted to add some text, and this is how I went about it:

1. Having decided on the text, I chose a size and font, then printed out a copy in reverse. For those not sure how to do this, simply select the following; Print - Properties - Advanced - Page Layout - Mirror Image - Print.

2. I then painted some black textile paint/pigment on to a sheet of glass, the amount of application being relevant to the end result - some testing is important.

3. I then took my experimental art work, masked off the areas to be avoided, and placed it face down without pressure on to the ink spread on the glass.

4. On to the top of this (now the back of the work), I placed the mirror-imaged text. With a pencil I then traced the text with a firm hand. This picked up the black paint/pigment. Some background paint/pigment will also transfer but once again testing should get a satisfactory outcome.

5. Removing the mirror-imaged text and lifting the art work reveals the text the right way round!

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