Sunday, June 12, 2011

An honour indeed....

Earlier this month New Zealand celebrated the Queen's birthday with a national holiday on June 6th. At this time it is customary to announce the Queen's Honours List to those “who in any field of endeavour, have rendered meritorious service to the Crown and the nation or who have become distinguished by their eminence, talents, contributions, or other merits”.

And guess what, I have been made a Member of the New Zealand of Merit, MNZM, for services to the textile arts. What an honour! I feel humbled and excited all at the same time. The fact that the arts have been recognised and, in particular, the textile arts is very pleasing. We are all winners!

Looking back I started on this journey in the early 1970's, forty years ago, and it amazes me that I am still as enthusiastic as ever.

My medal will be awarded by our Governor General, at Government House, Wellington, in a few week's time and my boys have been instructed that they must attend! The image here is the man's version of the medal, as I haven't been able to find an image of the woman's medal!

This weekend the Surface Design Association conference is under way in Minneapolis-St.Paul, Minnesota, USA. Having attended the previous three conferences, a little bit of me is there. Here's hoping I might be able to return for the 2013 conference!


  1. Wonderful news, Diana! A great honor. I am missing the conference too. Let's hope we can meet again in San Antonio.

  2. Congratulations. Does this make you a Dame?

  3. Thank you Meg. No I am not to be a Dame - this would be just tooooo much. And no one has to practice their curtseys either!

  4. Congratulations! How wonderful and well deserved.

  5. Congratulations Diana,
    I think this is a well deserved honor

  6. Congratulations Diana......
    When I read about it in The Hutt News I was so delighted for you and agree that it is also a big win for textile art in NZ.
    Your life time of passion for textiles is not only an inspiration but you yourself are a wonderful role model for us all.

  7. Congratulations and so well deserved. Your knowledge and expertise that you have shared with the textile community has been well repaid.
    Anne W

  8. Congratulations and what an honor. So happy to have been touched with the information that you share on your blog.

  9. Congratulations on your award! What an honor...and how wonderful that New Zealand is recognizing textile arts!
    I too missed SDA this year....and I've missed all of your posts.
    Hope you had a very nice birthday!