Sunday, May 22, 2011

A new garment

Thanks to everyone for their very kind best wishes since my previous blog. They certainly help to 'share the load' and I am pleased to report that I feel good.

A couple of weeks ago I was to attend a formal occasion and although I already have suitable garments in my wardrobe, the urge to use a length of my own hand-painted fabric was too strong. I had been waiting for such an occasion to make up this length.

It was silk organza and like any sheer fabric poses a problem with the inside seams as they are visible through the sheer fabric. I joined the seams with a simple three thread over locker (serger) stitch, then pressed the edge to one side. With a steady hand I then stitched down the centre of the edge with a single line of straight stitch, from the front side of the seam. This certainly looked very neat. The sleeve and lower hems were hand rolled, and the neck edge bound with a binding.

I was pleased with the outcome. It was a test of my sewing skills and I feel I have passed my competency test in sewing with just one eye!

Below is the finished garment. If you think I did a good job in matching the diagonal lines of the hand-painted design, I have to confess that was pure serendipity! The lower front edges are knotted at the corners.


  1. Many of us cannot do this with two eyes. I compliment you for getting back in there showing yourself what you can do. Congratulations. It looks great.

  2. Gorgeous......and so beautifully sewn!!! I love it!!


  3. It is really lovely and well done on the seams. I will have to try this next time.

  4. Fabulous garment, Diana. And fabulous YOU -- your strength and upbeat attitude during your health issues are an inspiration. We'll miss you at SDA this year.
    Speedy recovery,
    Mary Ellen in Wisconsin

  5. Really quite exquisite! Sending blessings in your direction for your recovery.

  6. Fabulous! Well done.

    Marilyn D

  7. Hello Diana, you have the most amazing spirit and talent, you are always an inspiration!