Monday, May 10, 2010

Starting again.....

Life soon returns to normal, almost too soon, after travel, and I am back working again. This time I am not going to show you the whole piece as it progresses (sorry!) but will show some details, when appropriate.

This is to be a large piece; I prepared the silk/linen mix fabric 115cm/45" wide x 2 metres/79" length.

Using thickened dye I painted on some swipes of colour.

Then I decided to overdye the whole thing. Orange was the colour which came to mind and here I have painted over the original colours (on paper) to get some indication of an outcome.

Overdyeing worked well but then I decided that the colours were too strong for additional applications so put the whole cloth through a discharge bath. I do this often!

Ahhh, much better. All the colours have been 'knocked back' and give a better base from which to work further applications.

Nature's security works well in Peru! These cacti are planted on top of the stone wall.


  1. What do you use for a discharge bath?

  2. I used a Thiox Discharge Bath, that is Thiox powder and soda ash. I have a large dedicated saucepan for this. The colours I had used this time discharged quite quickly.

  3. Isn't it magical how you can be away and then simply step back into your studio and before you know it ideas are flowing and you are lost in your art making. The piece is looking good.

  4. Thanks Terry. Yes, it is amazing how one can step outside oneself while away and contemplate what and where their art is going. The thing then is to come home and activate what one has been thinking!