Friday, May 14, 2010

Looking good so far...

Two detail images of the progress on my new piece today. Things are looking good so far.

Yesterday I screened two sets of masked off stripes on to this new piece with my BIG silk screen. There was some surplus thickened dye left on the screen following this and I was in no rush to wash the screen as I knew it would wash out easily, even if the dye dried. By the time I had checked what I had printed, the surplus dye had migrated. It looked so good that I decided to let it dry fully and I plan to re-print sometime with some soda ash in clear sodium alginate (Manutex).

This week I attended the AGM of the Friends of TheNewDowse, a major art gallery here in Lower Hutt. I am now on their committee. I have been avoiding such commitments for quite sometime as I have been on committees for many years, and had decided I had done my dash. It amuses me that here I am again! However, I am looking forward to being involved and working with a new group of people. I am already The Friends Archivist and last year sorted all their papers since their conception in the early 1970's.

Peru again. Machu Picchu from a distance (centre, up a bit to the left). A quiet walk around to the Sun Gate (original entry/exit of the Inca Trail) gave this panoramic view back to the settlement. Note zigzag road up from the village of Aguas Calientes to MP itself. Buses speed up and down this road delivering and returning tourists.

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  1. Humph! As I skimmed through today's entry I read the "quiet walk" bit and looked up at the photo of the amazing zig-zag and thought "OMG! Quiet stroll indeed!" What an amazing sight Diana!

    Well Done You for joining the ND committee - you'll be a great asset for them.

    Thanks for the update on your piece, it's looking interesting . . . with about 25 more processes still to come no doubt!