Monday, May 17, 2010

Busy Day

Eldest grand-daughter (almost 16) is to attend her first school ball in a few weeks. Needless to say this requires a new dress! Last weekend I helped her buy a pattern and the fabric, and yesterday we cut out most of the pieces and now have the bodice almost completed. She is doing the work and Nana, of course, is guiding and watching closely; she is a willing student so all is well.

I have sewn my own clothes since about her age (a very long time ago) and am able to sew a garment without following instructions, relying on experience and intuition. However, when I was preparing for her visit I started to read the pattern instructions only to find myself somewhat challenged! What a lot of decisions to make, and all seemed complicated to interpret. Enough to put any newbie off making clothes!

In the meantime I have made good progress on the latest piece.

Another small detail.

I want to put a lino print on this piece and here I am beginning to sculpt the lino.


  1. How exciting that your granddaughter is sewing and following in your creative steps! Being able to make your own clothing is so empowering. Love how your latest piece is coming along.

  2. This piece is looking good and I love the lino print.

  3. As someone who has come late to making my own clothes I have to agree that following the instructions in a pattern is VERY challenging!! I hope the dress turns out exactly as your grand daughter wants it to be.

  4. Like you, I 'go by feel' when making clothes for myself - usually adapting a favourite pattern. Recently I've been sewing for my 'about-to-be daughter-in-law' who's a size 8 so a good pattern is essential. WELL!! That is a real mission! Two recent patterns - Vogue and Butterick - were so badly drafted, and so inaccurate, I had to rework both of them - including having to draft back facings which they didn't think necessary! I was most unimpressed!! My theory is that the pattern companies are subsidiaries of clothing manufacturers and they DON'T want them to be successful.

    I hope your experience is better than mine.