Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Moving on....

I am now ready to move on. My latest work is the third attempt at this piece and I feel the happiest with this one. Previous attempts had too much detail and didn't quite portray what I wanted. I have kept this one simple. It is still based on the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo (1907 - 1954) and acknowledges the way she painted leaves with the veins running red, red with blood signifying the health problems she had throughout her life. This piece, along with her lino-cut portrait (featured here) is part of a proposed series looking at women artists and their work. I now feel ready to start on a second artist.

I am up and away to visit family for a few days so the long drives will be conducive for the thinking that pre-empts the hands-on.

1943 Frida Kahlo, Roots, size 30.5 x 49cm / 12 x 19½in) Note that the leaves are 'bleeding'.

2009 Diana Parkes, untitled, dye and pigment on cotton, size 32 x 25cm / 12½ x 10in.


  1. Kahlo is one of my all-time favorite female artists! What a life! I like what you are doing!!
    Safe travels....don't think so much that you drive off the road!
    Enjoy your family time!!