Monday, January 4, 2010

Films, progress and tree

I have been to two movies in the last five days. And a bigger contrast I can't quite imagine. Avatar is the BIG 3D film, nothing spared, full-on-life in 2154 with aliens, the invaders from planet world, and the Avatars who move between the two societies. The visual and sound effects are stunning. It is of course the universal cops and robbers scenario and guess who wins! So much is parallelled in today's world. Total entertainment, don't spare the horses, especially when they each have six legs! Go see....
Morris - A Life with Bells On is a mockumentary on Morris dancing and is as subtle as they can get. The talent that wants to re-invent the Morris dance is 'rusticated' by the traditionalists, but it turns out all right in the end.

Another layer about to be screened on to my latest Frida Kahlo piece. Note the F clamp used to secure the frame so that I can use two hands on the squeegee.

Almost finished.....

For my overseas readers, this tree is a Pohutukawa. It is commonly called NZ's Christmas Tree for obvious reasons. This one in my garden, still fairly young.


  1. wow! great works here! Found your blog under the tag Gardening. I also watched Avatar this wekk, I loved it, but it seems very much like a new "Atlantis", a cartoon movie By Disney, back in 1990's. Very interesting though!

  2. great idea about the clamp Diana! Your piece is lovely!
    I enjoyed seeing your tree....looks like the 'powder puff' trees we had in Miami, but I'm sure it's not the same.

    Happy New Year!