Thursday, December 31, 2009

All that table and the New Year

Following my previous blog in which I showed a photo of my work table; this sits in the middle of my studio and was made by one of my boys many years ago when he started his furniture joinery apprenticeship. It is rather like an altar to me but for playing, not for praying, although there have been moments I have submitted a prayer in the hope that something will work! If this table could talk it would have a lot to say, about successes, failures and things in between. It is almost waist high (and I am tall) so that I never have to bend over, and I even stand while operating my sewing machine and serger. I always work/think better when on my feet. It becomes cluttered with the paraphernalia of current projects and every so often it gets a make over to start afresh. I consider it one of my most valued assets.

All blogs seem to have thoughts about the coming New Year, so here is my tuppence worth. I have never been too ambitious with New Year resolutions but have begun to recognise that I repeat the same 'mores' each year; namely, to produce more art; read, visit, view more art; attend more art house movies; more gardening, more exercise, more travel.

Also there is the love and friendship of family and friends; the more I travel the more I realise that everyone, anywhere in the world just wants peace, love, enough food, good health, warmth and shelter.

Let's hope we may all find this in 2010. My best wishes to everyone for a safe and creative 2010.

A progress image of latest piece. If this looks somewhat familiar it is because this is my third attempt at this piece! I need to get this 'right' as it may be a series I intend to pursue.

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  1. Diana, Happy New Year to you, and many thanks for sharing your journeys with us. I read to learn, and enjoy!