Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Good and the Bad

It is now already a couple of days after Christmas and here in most of New Zealand it is a wet day. Not wanted of course by holiday makers and the like, but for those with an eye on their gardens, it is very welcome.

After the bustle of Christmas, it is lovely to wind back down again. I always find this time of the year to be very productive. I spend long hours working on the various projects I have on the go, and am usually rewarded with good outcomes. Today has been no exception. The weather being as it is there is no gardening or walking, so I just have to work on those projects, don't I! While one project involves waiting for things to dry, I move ahead with the other. What a (good) life!

However, it didn't start off too good. A very early visit to a local hardware store had me coming home spitting tacks. An accumulated list of requisites proved far to difficult to achieve - most items were not available or they didn't stock them! Grrrrrr... I shall try again next week!

My work table during today's activities:


  1. What a wonderful big work table! Enjoy the rest (the good part) of the day!

  2. Hi Diana!
    Isn't it wonderful to be back at play after the holidays!
    Sorry your trip to the hardware store wasn't too profitable, but it looks like you had enough other irons in the fire to keep you busy! I too love your work table. It looks as though it has kept you happy for many hours!