Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Three Sisters

Before I give you some insight in the workings of THREE SISTERS, I have now posted all the images from my exhibition FIBRE REACTIVE on to my website. Go to and open up WholeCloth Banners. Each image may be clicked on to enlarge and they move through by simply clicking on the rolled-over NEXT in the top right area of each image.

THREE SISTERS came about because of the new size limits for the Surface Design Association Members' exhibition at their conference earlier this year. I am not a fan of working within squares so, after considerable contemplation I decided to work a triptych and then select one to send to the conference. I decided on three similar shapes which evolved as outcrops from either land or sea; these are often given familiar names by those living in the area.

© 2008 Diana Parkes, THREE SISTERS, dye and pigment on silk, size overall 46cm x 142cm / 18" x 56".

The first dye application being washed with the hose on my driveway. This method helps to prevent the dye back-staining on to the white fabric.

Several more applications: printing with unravelled cloth, and discharged grids (the conference was titled Off The Grid). Also some partial printed text based on 'woman and her wits' from a 100 year old book that I have in my bookshelf. The initial dyeing did back-stain on to the white background but in this case I felt this was beneficial.

Further dye colours introduced into the corners, and some more to finish off the piece (see completed image).

And here it is on the cover of the SDA newsletter, smack in the middle!

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  1. Thank you once again Diana for sharing your process with us. Your blog always tells me how much I still have to learn.