Monday, November 16, 2009


The other day I had a session with my current workbook. All those little bits of experiments or tests, and rejects accumulated while working, get pushed to one side until I find time to look at them again. This can be quite enlightening as, removed from the original intention, they appear quite different. I usually cut out the best pieces and paste them into a workbook. This makes for good record making, and occasional reviewing over time.

Here are three pages from my current workbook. This workbook has black pages which creates its own challenges especially when note making, but on the whole I think it works well.

On Sunday afternoon, a friend and I went on an architecture tour organised by our local gallery, TheNewDowse. We started at a local Buddhist community which was set in idyllic New Zealand bush. It was a most interesting visit and I snapped this image on the side of some steps. I find it very elegant and serene.

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