Friday, October 2, 2009

Final Piece?

This week I have been continuing to work on this last piece for my exhibition. I am reasonably happy with it but can't help feeling that something else has to happen, but what I don't quite know at this point in time. I am having family staying for part of this week so this will give me space to remove myself from the piece. It will be interesting to see how I react to it afterwards. Its working title is 'Tree House' but that could change too.

Here it is, full size.

Detail of the tree house. I keep feeling it needs more definition, somehow......

This week I took one my grand-daughters (15 years) to see the film SEPTEMBER ISSUE, it being school holidays. It is a documentary-type film about the preparation for publishing the biggest Vogue issue for the year, ie the September issue (2007). Behind the scenes with the larger-than-life Editor, Directors and publishing people, as well as the models, photographers, the dramas and lots and lots of fashion! Fashion as an art form; the dramas and decisions so relevant to the whole of the art world. I loved it, grand-daughter loved it, she is into computer graphics as well as fashion.

20 dayssssss.....


  1. Really like your additions to this piece. Sounds like your granddaughter might have inherited some of your artistic talents!

  2. It is gorgeous. I love to see the transformation and the steps you have described. Thanks.