Monday, September 28, 2009

Latest, and final, piece

Firstly, a decision to put this piece through a thiox discharge bath reduced the strength of the colours and made them much more pleasing.

Looking much better! Colour and patterns looking rather like camouflage.

Because of the somewhat foliage-look I decided to add a simple tree shape and a tree house. I now need to give this piece more definition.

And this week our local weekly newspaper included the two photos below. The first is of the Overall Winner in this year's WOW (David Walker, from Alaska). It is called Lady of the Wood. Wonderful! This garment is made from wood, and the hair from wood shavings. And below that is my piece.

23 days and counting.....


  1. I absolutely LOVE this piece Diana. It is gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing it finished and in the exhibition.

  2. I love how that piece has turned out. Thiox is such an amazing chemical, and truly wonderful if used with respect!
    Congrats on your piece being posted in your local paper.
    Hang in there.....wish I could jet down your way to see your exhibition!