Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hanging Rods

I have just collected the last of the hanging rods for work in my upcoming exhibition. Over the years I have hung work using a variety of options which seemed appropriate for each piece. For my WholeCloth Banners I have chosen to hang them from clear flat perspex rods which I have cut to the exact size for each new piece. I always wait until I have a few to order and often get a few extra for future pieces.

The rods are made from 4.5mm (1/8") thick clear perspex. This is cut into strips 30mm (1¼") wide. The length is determined by the exact width measurement of the piece plus an additional 20mm (3/4") at each end. Small holes are drilled in the ends sufficient for nails to secure the rod to the wall, or hanging it out in space. The piece itself has a top hem wide enough to take the rod eg 40mm (1½").

Close-up of one end, pinned to my soft display board. Not a very good photo but it has started to rain, yet again, and the light has gone with it!

The lower edge is also hemmed and includes a strip of lead curtain weights inside the hem at the back. This helps to stabilize this edge.

Only another 14 days to go now ie 2 weeks!!

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  1. I like you hanging mechanism. I've not see it before and will try it out. It seems like this manner of handing would provide very little distortion unlike other methods.