Thursday, August 13, 2009

More big screen stuff

I am certainly enjoying using my new big silk screen. If only our weather was a bit warmer / sunnier then my progress would be somewhat faster, but I need to be patient while things dry.
I have started another large piece for my exhibition. I am enjoying working my 12 smaller pieces for the exhibition but I have always had a need to vary the size of things; when I finish a small piece, I want to work big again, and when that is done, I want to go back to small. This habit goes well back into my early embroidery days.
Anyway, I painted dye without much thought on to my big screen, left it to dry, then poured clear water over the screen which I jiggled at the same time. Ahhhh.. all the dyes began to run and merge! Lovely. After another time lapse for drying I screened it on to fabric with clear sodium alginate.

Dye on the screen, drying.

Clear water poured over the dried screen. A new thought, must try doing this with some dye in the water.

All printed, washed and dried, waiting for its next stage.....

72 days till my exhibition.

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