Saturday, August 8, 2009

Blogging, In General

I often receive comments about the fact that my blog is published quite frequently despite the fact that it is called 'Diana's Occasional Blog'. I must confess I was somewhat nervous about this whole blogging thing when I started, and I wasn't too sure whether I would have enough stuff to blog about. Many blogs seem to 'die' before they really get started so my title was somewhat of a safety net. I have now been blogging for over a year and I really enjoy it! My fears about not having enough content have not been founded and I am delighted that people find my blog of interest.

Here are some thoughts on blogging and why I do it (in no particular order):

I enjoy writing.
Having been involved in textile tutoring (to adults) for 27 years, I am programmed to share my experiences.
I now seem to be doing alot more experimenting with techniques. It is very easy to think 'I must try that sometime...' and of course it usually doesn't happen. My blog gives me an incentive and a focus to try new things, and then report on the outcomes.
I enjoy reading other people's blogs, and being part of a community through a shared interest.

So there you are... I intend to be around for awhile yet!

Another find at the Saturday market. A microwave muffin tray, costing NZ$2, ideal for mixing small dye amounts. The dye doesn't seem to stain it, but I think pigments will. So, dyes only please......

Getting there in my 12 series... detail from number eight; four more to do.

75 days until my exhibition

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  1. Indeed we do enjoy reading what you're up to, and learn heaps along the way . . .

    Unfortunately fabric art seems a long way in the past for me - I've been absolutely FLATTENED by swing flu - this is my seventh day in bed, and with a temp of 37.6 I'm not going far today!! It's nice to hear that the world is still revolving beyond my bedroom!

    Keep it up - and thank you !