Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Silk Screen

I have a new toy! (Actually that should read tool). I have always enjoyed working with a silk screen and have a collection of various sizes, mostly small scale. Some are blanks, and others have photosensitive images or drawing fluid/screen filler images on the mesh. Recently I decided I needed a BIG one and placed an order for this from a local textile printing supplier. Last week it arrived and I must confess I had a moment of anxiety at the reality of the size. Since then I have sealed the wood with polyurethane, scoured the mesh, and taped the outer edges of the mesh. I have made the taped sides a bit wider than is normal so that if I wish to use the screen sideways I can use these as the printing wells (I live on my own and this may be the easier way for me to work). Although the screen is now ready for use I have purchased two draw handles to be placed halfway down each side to give secure lift (builder son is to fix these for me). The inside screen measurements are 118cm x 65cm / 46" x 25.5" and this allows me to print a full fabric width of 114cm / 45". I have now to start working through the processes of using it.

Here is my new screen resting against my car (note number plate; UPPFAB stands for Uppity Fabrics and smaller letters read Hand-dyed Fabrics), and a garage work chair. As this is a large screen and the mesh is drum tight, the long wooden sides have bowed slightly. This is not a problem as I have made sure the side tapes are straight.

And yes, here is another piece (seventh) completed in my series of 12. Detail only. I am very pleased with this one.

80 days until my exhibition (I forgot to include this in my previous blog!)


  1. How wonderful to have such a large silk screen. I have only used tiny photosensitive ones. Is it difficult to use one this large by with out assistance?

  2. Hi Suzan. In answer to your question. I have started to prepare my first test piece so will post the outcome on my next blog. My aim is to use this screen on my own so am giving it quite a bit of thought.....