Thursday, July 16, 2009

Working in a Series

Among other things, I am currently working on a series of 12 pieces linked because of their uniform size and the same base fabric (silk pongee). Each piece is 22.5cm x 31cm (9" x 12") which is the size of the blank silk screen I am using to work these pieces. Eventually they will hang as a group, four pieces wide, three pieces deep.
And if anyone is thinking that smaller pieces should be 'easier' than larger ones (which are more normal for me), then I would like to inform you that this is not so! Everything takes just as long to think through, prepare, then accomplish. I have now completed the third in the series.
Once again I have used some torn paper resists which I screened with pigment. The pigment is opaque and will often look 'heavy' compared to previous (dyed) applications. So before the pigment had dried (and before heatsetting) I washed the fabric and gave the pigment a light scrub. This removed some of the pigment and left a much more subtle result.

A detail showing the washed pigment application. I like the more transparent result and the outside edge definition

Now finished, detail only. On to the next one now.....

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