Monday, July 13, 2009

Feeling chuffed

Lovely surprise this week when I received the latest Surface Design Association e-newsletter, followed by the hard copy. On the cover are nine images from the members' exhibition at the recent conference which I attended. Over 200 pieces were displayed in this exhibition so I am delighted to see my piece featured in the centre of the cover of the newsletter. All pieces are 45cm x 45cm (18" x 18").

The SDA newsletter cover, my piece Three Sisters #3 is the centre image.

This last weekend I travelled to Rotorua for a family get-together. It was a great time just blobbing out and enjoying each other's company. On the way there I travelled over the Desert Road in the middle of our North Island and the mountains were stunning. Clear blue sky, crisp air and they seemed so close...

Mount Ngauruhoe

Mount Ruapehu

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