Thursday, July 16, 2009

Next Signal Designs

While at the Surface Design Association conference I visited the Merchants Venue (for me who usually has a stall at such events, it was very pleasurable wandering around browsing) and spent time at the stall of Next Signal Designs, owned and operated by Ruthie Powers. I was impressed with these contemporary rubber stamps, and purchased a couple. Below are some samples I have done using the Comb design. I like to mount (using carpet tape) any stamps I make or purchase on to clear perspec which allows for sighting the edge through the perspec thus allowing good registration. I also save small pieces of picture frame glass for the same purpose, but first taping the edges of the glass for safety. The Comb stamp has been secured to a piece of scrap perspec found in a gutter while out walking one day. As one edge was abit rough I have taped them all. I also like to put some sort of marking on the mounting to determine orientation when printing.

The Comb stamp 6cm x 12cm (2.5" x 4.5")

Below are some of my experiments with the Comb stamp. The first couple of images are just some different ways of using the stamp; and the third is a fat quarter.

Simple experiment with Comb stamp...

... and some more

Here I have used a pre-dyed background and created blocks with the stamp in alternating directions. A second colour has been printed over the top in a reverse direction. The colours have been reversed too in some blocks. I also masked circles of freezing paper on the fabric, and then added some stamped rings, green overlaid with white for added interest.

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  1. Hi Diana, it's Ruthie over the water in Texas. I also have enjoyed working with the rubber stamp "Comb". Being able to cross the stamp is beautiful. I found your use of color to be interesting. It makes me want to explore more. Thanks for such a great post!