Sunday, July 26, 2009

Discharge Variations

The other day I decided to do a quick experiment with discharge paste. I used a gutta nib and dispenser to quickly draw on some previous Procion MX dyed fabric. Then I placed it outside in some welcomed winter sunlight and left it to dry. Obviously in summer this would work a lot quicker! The sunlight certainly lightened the discharged lines on the fabric.

Discharge paste dried in the sun and then the right hand side has been steam ironed followed by washing to remove the discharge paste. Left hand side has had no ironing.

Discharge paste dried in sun.

Portions only of above steam ironed. I like the subtle variations in colours which result.

While at the Surface Design Association conference we were discussing irons in a workshop and it was mentioned that a travel iron was handy to get into smaller areas unsuccessful with a normal size iron. I purchased a travel iron years ago but it was never very good for the purpose of travel - it was heavy and used up too much of my weight allowance, so it has remained behind ever since. I have now retrieved it and found it good for ironing the smaller areas in the second sample above.

My (steam) travel iron next to the normal size iron.

90 days to my exhibition

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  1. Hi Diana

    Thanks for showing your discharge variations. I have just been doing some as well for C & G and had not thought of using a gutta nib! That is a great idea. I had put some bleach in a refillable pen, but am not so happy about using bleach. I always seem to get better results with the discharge paste, and think the fabric (once washed) probably lasts better anyway. Thanks for the idea!