Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Printing Tools

Our local Saturday morning market has several second-hand stalls which I enjoy trawling. Last weekend there was a basket of old kitchen tools from which I purchased several items. These cost me a grand total of NZ$2. Over the next few weeks I will experiment with these and let you know what results I get. You might like to let me know if you have any other ideas I can try.

My new printing tools

I have used the tea strainer to sift dry dye powder (like dusting icing sugar on to a cake) on to the fabric, then squirted on a stock solution (this could also have been done with plain water on to a Soda Ash soaked fabric). I found the solution very uncontrollable and the dyes spread rather more than I preferred.

This time I first applied the stock solution to the fabric with more care, then sifted on the dry dye powder. This I felt has turned out better, and I prefer these colours over the first attempt.

The fourth in my series of 12 pieces, each 22cm x 31cm (9" x 12"). Detail only. Eight more to do....

87 days to my exhibition

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