Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Whoops, I'm late...

Since towards the end of last year I have been concentrating on producing (among other things) art pieces for another solo exhibition. All the work will be new. It will show my WholeCloth Banner art piece series, and a couple of installations. The exhibition title is Cloth and Dye Expressions, Diana Parkes. This is to be held at Expressions Gallery, 836 Fergusson Drive, Upper Hutt and will open on October 24 through to November 22.
Also on display will be an exhibition of work by the Upper Hutt Embroiderers' Guild. Many of the members of this guild attended my embroidery classes which I conducted in Upper Hutt (and also in Lower Hutt) for 27 years.

I have always liked working to a theme, and with a goal in mind. A solo exhibition is a big commitment, but at the same time very satisfying. It certainly can have its highs and lows. It gives permission to push oneself and to expand on ideas, as well as investigating technical possibilities. In the good moments I thrive on it; when they are not so good, well, I try to be positive and take it as part of the journey. I am well on the way to reaching the volume of work that I hope to exhibit, but the coming months will still have me on my toes.

And to help me keep focus for this exhibition (and to scare me as well!) I am putting a count down on my blog. My intention was to start at 100 days but I am a few days too late for that now(!) so today, Friday July 24 (NZ time)is day 92.....

Expressions Gallery, Upper Hutt

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